a voyeuristic experience for your macintosh

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a vertWare production:

The simple explanation: Scripteur is a server for sharing data on your LAN.

The geeky explanation: Scripteur is a Rendezvous enabled HTTP server that facilitates data access from one machine on a LAN to another. The type of data access is specified through plugins which are written in AppleScript. The plugin API is extremely simple, yet very powerful.

Say you have your digital music collection on a computer hooked up to your stereo. You're sitting on your couch, surfing the web, and iTunes is playing through your mp3 library. That song comes on, you know the one you're tired of but keep forgetting to take out of the playlist. Oh well, you don't feel like getting up from the couch to go change it. Now you don't have to, with Scripteur, you can browse your playlists and change the song from the laptop right in front of you.

But aren't there already a few iTunes remotes out there? Why yes there are, that's why there's more. Your photo library is on that machine in the study too, but want to email that picture you just touched up to your sister. Scripteur once again saves those tired feet from having to work. Search through your library to find that picture without having to wait for the next commercial break.

But wait, there's more! You have a custom database that manages your wine collection. Scripteur let's you write AppleScript plugins so that you can access that database too. The script's can be as simple or complex as you need, but either way, they're quick and easy to write.

Forget about copying and syncing, Scripteur let's you access your data from any Web enabled device (Rendezvous enabled devices make it easier). Customize it to your heart's content using HTML, CSS, and AppleScript. Submit your own Scriptibitions for others to use.

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